Chimera Review of Anubis Gates by Tim Powers

We rate books based on if we would recommend them, as related to the theme, and how much we enjoyed them based on the following criteria:
Ease of read, plot, writing, and resolution.

We learned something interesting with this book. This was one of the original set of book that were first dubbed “Steampunk”. The term¬† originated in the late 1980s as a tongue-in-cheek variant of cyberpunk. It was coined by K. W. Jeter, a science fiction author himself, looking for a way to describe works by Tim Powers (The Anubis Gates, 1983), James Blaylock (Homunculus, 1986), and himself (Morlock Night, 1979, and Infernal Devices, 1987) All of these books are set in a 19th-century ( and usually Victorian) and had similar conventions like H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine.¬†

This book was time travel and the steampunk was secondary really, overall we enjoyed it. It’s nice to dip into classics and the mystery in the narrative along with the call back to other pieces to literature was great.

Leave a comment about how you enjoyed the book, and why you rated the book the way you did. How did this book make you feel?

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