Chimera Review of A Wish After Midnight by Zetta Elliott

We rate books based on if we would recommend them, as related to the theme, and how much we enjoyed them based on the following criteria:
Ease of read, plot, writing, and resolution.

We found this book a little lacking. One of the primary things we were looking for with this book was an explanation of  the time travel that the characters use. There seemed to be no rhyme of reasons for why the characters were transported back. Also it took almost half the book to even know that it was about time travel. The characterization of the main character uses every trope and cliche about young teens of color that is hard not to groan. It seems this book is currently used as student guide to talk about and build on discussions around slavery. This is the poor man’s Kindred, set in New York. Though the writing and characters are decent, we can not really recommend this book, especially given that the time travel is never explained.

Leave a comment about how you enjoyed the book, and why you rated the book the way you did. How did this book make you feel?

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