Chimera Review of Legend by David Gemmell

We rate books based on if we would recommend them, as related to the theme, and how much we enjoyed them based on the following criteria: Ease of read, plot, writing, and resolution.

If this book had not been part of the theme this month not sure it would have been on any of our radars. Despite this being a “classic” Its a book of its time and really hasn’t aged well. Its full of the same tropes, that might have been invented at the writing of this book. It felt very rote. You had your feisty women, noble sages, and would be warrior with a small problem. This is what The Princes Bride was parodying. If you like war books and espionage with a side of romances that don’t make sense, you will enjoy.

Leave a comment about how you enjoyed the book, and why you rated the book the way you did. How did this book make you feel?



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