We began reviewing the books we were reading through polls in the community we built on Google Plus. It was a good way to keep tabs on what we liked as a group and highlight the varying opinions.

We changed the criteria for what the ratings meant in 2019.

Initial it was about how much the book met expectations. This was especially helpful when we started reading by themes. It was then possible to say a book met your expectations, even if you didn’t particularly like the story or theme.

We have moved to rating based on the theme given the following criteria: Easy of read, plot, writing, and resolution. The focus more being on if we would recommend the book (based on the theme) to others who might be interested in that theme.

The objectives has always been to make sure that ratings were not just based on personal opinion but on how we would recommend the book to others.

If you have read any of the books that we read in our book club history we’d love your feedback as well!

I will be creating individual poles for each of those older books as well as postings are original tallies.

Looking forward to reading with you!

Steampunk 2019

Time Travel 2019

G+ Reviews

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